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CCRS English Language Arts (ELA) 102 Instructional Shifts, Evidence & Building Knowledge-EASTCONN


with Amy Shea

Calendar Feb 28, 2020 at 9 am

CCRS ELA 102 Instructional Shifts, Evidence, & Building Knowledge (4 hour session) Part 2 of 2 Building on work done in ELA 101, participants will continue to investigate standards and review the key instructional shifts. We will focus on the importance of text dependent questions, citing evidence in speaking and writing, and how this helps to build students’ knowledge.  Activities will encourage a deeper understanding of how to implement CCRS in instruction in all classrooms.

Assignment: Lesson PlanParticipants must have completed ELA 101 before attending ELA 102.Objective: Building on ELA 101, participants will create a lesson plan integrating ELA standards appropriate for their adult learners.

*NOTE:  ELA101 and ELA102 MUST be taken consecutively.

Presenter-Amy Shea

Will run

Data Downloads at C.E.S., Trumbull


with Jose Adorno

Calendar Feb 28, 2020 at 12 pm

Were you ever asked questions that your reports or data verifies didn't have the answer? Would you like to be able to offer customizable sheets with relevant program data that can answer these questions following a few steps? Come find out how to analyze student demographics, enrollments, and more in our Data Downloads PD!  Bring your own device.

Some questions that can be answered are:

·         How many students do not have a SSN?

·         Would you like to know some of your specific Ethnicity, age and race data:

o   How many 17-21 year old male Hispanics or Latinos are in ESL?

o   Or how many 22-40 year old female Black or African-American are in GED

·         Students that received a CDP credit with enough hours to validate the grade

·         GED students that have 40 hours or more

·         Who are the students that graduated from CDP in 2016?


Presenter - Jose Adorno 

Will run

NEDP Evaluation at Naugatuck


with Astrid Robitaille

Calendar Mar 6, 2020 at 9 am

The NEDP Evaluation Workshop is the final step in full NEDP Advisor/Assessor training and is open ONLY to those NEDP staff who have completed their first full NEDP portfolio within the past year, and who have been invited by the NEDP training staff.  Attendees will demonstrate all phases of NEDP, including intake, first appointment best practices and item evaluation.

Presenters-Astrid Robitaille, Amy Shea, Laurie Tishler


ESL Day - Workshop A- ELP Standards, Part I Introduction to the ELP Standards (AM) - MDC, Hartford


with Halloran/ Foertsch

Calendar Mar 6, 2020 at 9:30 am

ELP Standards Part I: Introduction to ELP Standards.  This workshop will provide an introduction to the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards. The ELP Standards are derived from the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) which are required in all Adult Education programs. The ELP Standards address the same competencies but in a way that relate to instruction provided in the ESL classroom. The CSDE requires that all ESL teachers become conversant with and use the ELP Standards in the development of curriculum and ESL instruction. ELP Standards Part 1 is a pre-requisite for participation in ELP Standards Part II.

Presented by Aileen Halloran and Michele Foertsch

ESL Day - Workshop B- Resources for Effective Career Pathways and Employability Skills for the ESL Population (PM) - MDC, Hartford


with Marcy Reed

Calendar Mar 6, 2020 at 1 pm

Workshop B: Resources for Effective Career Pathways and Employability Skills for the ESL Population. This workshop will show information and resources specific to the ESL population for use in the classroom as we prepare them to transition into the workplace. Focus will be on ESL-specific resources in the Career Pathways Taskforce Toolkit, activities related to career choice, employability skills and the rights of workers under U.S. Labor Law. We strongly recommend bringing a laptop or device in order to participate fully in these sessions.

Presented by Marcy Reed and Michele Foertsch

CCRS Math 102A & 102B Standards for Mathematical Practice-Waterbury Adult Ed


with Connie Rivera

Calendar Mar 11, 2020 at 9 am

CCRS Math 102(A & B) Standards for Mathematical Practice builds on work done in CCRS Math 101, participants will experience problems worth puzzling through and analyze the habits of mind required to solve those problems.  We will investigate four of the Practices through activities that illustrate the ways students are to engage with the subject matter of the content standards.  The skills of complex problem solving, reasoning and proof, precise communication, and making connections will be practiced and discussed.  Activities will encourage a deeper understanding of how to implement CCRS in instruction. Participants will create a standards-based lesson plan or draft unit outline that integrates both the Key Instructional Shifts and the Standards for Mathematical Practice with priority content standards.

Assignment: Unit Plan Purpose:

Develop a working understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice

Examine the Standards for Mathematical Practice when designing instruction

Explore how the Standards for Mathematical Practice influence the CCR content standards and how those standards should be taught

Consider ways and resources to elicit Standards for Mathematical Practice from students

Participants must have completed CCRS Math 101 A&B before attending Math 102 A&B.

Presenter: Connie Rivera

Will run

CCS Program Facilitator Regional Meeting-East Haven Adult Ed


with Astrid Robitaille

Calendar Mar 12, 2020 at 1 pm

This meeting of Program Facilitators provides continued support in the implementation of the CCS system and overall program improvement.  This includes gathering information and assessing needs of local districts regarding professional development and implementation of state and federal initiatives. 

Presenter-  Astrid Robitaille

Will run

CCRS Math 201 Resource Alignment Workshop-Lyceum, Hartford


with Connie Rivera

Calendar Mar 16, 2020 at 9 am

CCRS Math 201: Resource Alignment Workshop

Programs should selectively choose 1-2 adult educators who:

* Have received a certificate of completion for CCRS Math 101 and 102

* Will utilize the tools provided in this session to train other staff members in resource alignment and lesson renovation

* Will facilitate the identification of aligned resources (i.e., a resource library, a list of evaluated resources)

* Will bring a resource (currently in use in the program) to practice alignment protocol and a laptop with Wi-Fi capability.


Description: Providing our students with high-quality resources and instruction aides their development of deep understanding and transferable knowledge. During our session, we will build our capacity to evaluate the degree of alignment of instructional materials to the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) in Mathematics. A resource currently in use in participants’ programs, as well the resource provided for a materials fee, will be used. After determining alignment of the resource, we will renovate a lesson from the resource to improve its quality. Please bring a resource currently in use in your program and a laptop with Wi-Fi capability. 


Completion Task: A lesson renovation using Mathematics Lesson Plan template



* Deepen understanding of the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS)

* Build capacity to evaluate instructional resources

* Analyze the degree of alignment between common instructional resources and CCRS

* Renovate instructional resources to improve quality

Presenter-Connie Rivera

Will run

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